How to Rig a Mister Twister soft plastic lure


Step 1: Insert the point of the hook into the head of the lure.  Keep the hook centered within the lure

Step 2: Draw the point of the hook past the barb out of the body

Step 3: snug the head of the lure up to the jighead.  If the lure is bunched up you went too far with the hook. Re-rig until it looks like the picture

Bounce the lure off the bottom or make it swim at the depth where the fish are.

Suggested lures: All soft plastic lures, but especially Curly Tails (Meeny, Teenie, 4’’, 5’’, 6’’), Phenoms (pinch two inches off the front of the lure)

Wacky Rig

Fold your lure in two along the length; pierce it with a fine wire hook in the middle of the fold.  Cast in likely looking spots and let sink slowly.  When the lure hits the bottom, pause, then retrieve and cast again.

Suggested lures: Long, thin lures like the Comida, Phenom, Nightcrawlers

Drop Shot Rig

Perfect for suspending fish off structure

Attach your hook to your line with a palomar knot, leaving an extra long tag end.  Attach a weight to the tag end and hook your lure through the nose.

Suggested lure: Any soft plastic, but long lures with curly tails will flutter very enticingly.

Texas Rig

Heavy and weedless, the texas rig is a go-to presentation to fish close to snags and structure.  Slide a conical weight on your line before attacking an offset worm hook.  Slip the hook through the nose of your bait up to the eyelet, then flip the hook and pass it through the middle of the bait, letting the tip of the hook rest on  or just below the skin of the bait.  Work your lure through the structure where fish are holding and hang on for the strike



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